Don’t Let Misconceptions About Bad Credit Payday Loans Steer You Into More Debt

The payday lending industry is heavily regulated in many states, and many news outlets have put out sensationalistic stories regarding the dangers of bad credit payday loans.  Even though we do not actually distribute loans at, we do want to correct some of the misconceptions that you may have heard about payday loan lenders.

Misconception: All of Our Customers Have Good Credit

Bad credit payday loans require no credit scores. Your credit score will not cause you to be turned down for a loan and will not affect the amount you are charged for interest and fees.

Misconception: Payday Loans Are Just Scams

Unfortunately, anytime people are in financial trouble, there are crooks looking to take advantage of them. The payday lending industry is no exception. Most states require lenders to pass certification and licensing exams before they can be admitted as legitimate lenders. only uses well-known, reputable lenders in its network. Fly-by-night lenders looking to scam a quick buck will not be found here.

Misconception: Payday Lenders Trick Customers Into Paying Ridiculous Interest Rates and Fees

According to the Truth in Lending Act, every lender must disclose the interest rates and fees that they will charge before you accept the loan’s terms and conditions. The lender must disclose all financing fees and interest charges that will occur immediately as well as any interest charges or fees that may occur under certain future conditions. You will know exactly what you are getting when you work with

When you request a bad credit payday loan with us, you are never obligated to accept any loan simply because you reviewed the loan’s terms and conditions, nor do you ever have to pay any kind of fee to see them. At, we give you every opportunity to ensure that the loan you pick is the right loan for you.

Misconception: Getting Cash Advance Loans Traps Borrowers In An Endless Debt Cycle

Bad credit payday loans, like any financial product, may be misused by borrowers.  However, many honest, hardworking people find that obtaining a payday loan actually helps them to break the cycle of debt. Instead of turning to credit cards or the local payday lending store, you can review multiple loan offers on When your repayment period ends, the funds will be withdrawn from your bank account. As long as you plan ahead to ensure that you have sufficient funds to pay back your loan, you will not fall into a continual debt trap. For this reason, though, it is absolutely imperative that you calculate how much money you can afford to borrow.

Misconception: Payday Lenders Target Members of Low-Income Households has no physical location. We do not place ourselves in proximity to low-income neighborhoods. Instead, we offer services to anyone and everyone through our online lender database. At, we connect many people across all income levels with the cash they need for emergencies.

If you abuse any kind of loan product, including bad credit payday loans, then poor decision-making will lead to significant financial consequences. However, when you make a plan for your emergency expenses and stick to that plan, a cash advance will provide you with the freedom that you deserve.